A World of Variety in the Types of Boston Terriers

There are many different types of Boston terriers that have been bred over generations. These lively dogs make wonderful companions no matter what their color or size, yet some people prefer certain colors over others and in show dogs, the colorations do make a difference. Some are generally more preferred than others, although every type of Boston terrier has something special to offer, regardless of color, shape, or size. Let’s take a look at some of the different types or types of Boston terriers that we can choose from.

Aside from being a highly intelligent and well-dispositioned dog, this type of Boston terrier comes in an array of colors. The most preferred style is Brindle, with others being seal or black with white markings. The color seal appears to be black yet has a reddish tint when viewed in sunlight or other bright light. When the Boston terrier is entered into showing competitions, a solid black, gray or solid brindle color will automatically disqualify it. Some markings are required, such as a white muzzle, white between the eyes and a white fore chest.

The different types of Boston terriers typically have a common square head and jaw, which make it very charming and American at the same time. They also have a short, stout body and look very muscular and clean cut. Their coat is very fine in texture and also short. It is smooth and bright when kept well groomed and brushed. The body should also be very balanced, with a slightly arched neck. They have uniquely strong hind legs, as well as strong thighs which are full of muscles.

Perfect Companion

Boston terrier types may vary a great deal in their size, yet most tend to be about 30 pounds. They are a very good height and build to make excellent companions for children as well as the elderly. Overall, these wonderful dogs are bursting with personality and class that is unmatched in any other breed. They provide companionship and love to those who are alone or who just love pets. Whether you have a large family or you are single, a Boston terrier is a pet you will enjoy and appreciate for years to come. They are a much sought after breed, and with so many types of Boston terriers to choose from, you can’t go wrong with these furry friends.

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