Facts About Boston Terriers

The Boston Terrier is a true American Breed. The breed results from a cross between a English Bulldog and a white English Terrier. The breed’s nickname is American Gentleman because of the breeds gentle disposition.

Around 1870 William O’Brien of Boston sold an imported dog named “Judge” to Robert Hooper (also of Boston). The dog became to be known as “Hooper’s Judge” and became ancestor of almost all true modern Boston Terriers. “Hooper Judge” was mated to a white Bitch named “Gyp” or “Kate” (was owned by Edward Burnett) and from this mating descended a dog named “Wells Eph” who was bred to a Bitch named “Tobins Kate”. The Boston Terrier breed evolved from these dogs.

In 1889 thirty people in and around Boston organized the American Bull Terrier Club. As time passed they met with opposition from Bull Terrier and Bulldog fanciers who objected to the similarity of the breed name and they claimed that this new breed was quite unlike theirs. So at that point the Boston Terrier Club of America was established in 1891, taking the name of the city the breed had originated from. American Kennel Club admitted the breed in 1893.

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Kevin Gawricki

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  • tyee2005

    Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced Boston Terrier near Houston, Tx?
    A lot of people will give the same old excuse don't be cheap about dogs and all this other stuff. The truth of the matter is I'm not going to pay 800 dollars for a puppy now taking care of it i would spend 800 dollars easily and I know a lot about dogs. I'm looking for a reasonably priced Boston Terrier. And the fact of the matter is people over price dogs a lot of the time…some may disagree and there are a few breeders that take really good care of there puppies and they have to sell them that high to recover some of there cost but not everyone is doing that. So please no sarcastic comments telling me about not being able to afford a dog or anything in those lines I have no problem spending money on vet care for my animals.

  • glenn c

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  • FinancialWonderLust
  • Bonsylar

    And just because you are paying a lot for the puppy doesn't guarantee that it's a good one!! I've heard horror stories about "purebred" puppies.
    Consider breed rescue. Your vet will have a number. They will have lots of puppies this time of year and they come with lots of "extras"
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    Vet Tech thats seen way to many "pure breed" puppies crash and burn from their own genetics.

  • sweetangelsofheaven

    Petfinder.com is a very good website to find a dog in your area if fact just email me and i can send u some pics of some of the boston terriers i found in houston please email me and i will show u. sweetangelsofheaven@yahoo.com
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  • Dog_trainer

    Find a good breeder by going to http://www.akc.org or by talking to people at dog shows. You can also find info about the breed clubs on the akc site.

    They have a rescue group where you might get an older dog for less money. Contact: Boston Terrier Club of America
    Linda Trader, (724)883-4732, Pennsylvania, btcaresc@greenepa.net

    Great info about the breed there, too.

    You think $800 is too much to pay for a good dog that's going to live at least 10 years? That's less than $80 a year. Good breeders spend lots of time and money on their dogs. The pups are going to need food and shots and worming and lots of care for eight weeks. One of my breeder friends once calculated that she made less than $1.85 per hour after expenses!

    Whatever you do, DON'T go to a pet shop or buy one off the internet!!!! You'll either get ripped off or pay top dollar for what is usually a poor quality puppy mill dog. And you'll be supporting one of the cruelest industries in the country. The breeding animals are kept in deplorable conditions. They probably haven't been vaccinated against contagious diseases or tested for any health or temperament problems or genetic diseases - that costs money and cuts into their profits. A female is often bred every time she comes into heat. When her poor little body can't take it any more, she is often clubbed in the head and tossed into a dumpster or an open ditch. Most puppy mills ship their pups to pet stores at wholesale prices and many pups die before they even get there. These "breeders" have figured out that they can use the internet to ship a dog directly to the customer and thus make more money by cutting out the middleman. If you buy a dog from out of state, good luck getting your money back if there's something wrong with the pup. These people count on you becoming instantly attached to the poor little guy and being willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at the vet to treat whatever is wrong with him.
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    28 years exp.

  • Stef

    Have you thought about adopting from a rescue? You can try the American Boston Terrier Rescue its based in TX. My family adopted a boston from them. http://abtr.net
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  • gayle

    Try doing a search in yahoo for the Boston Terrier rescue site..they have one in the woodlands. That should be close enough to you.
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  • chancy

    Hi, I completely understand. I got mine (a female, with papers, born January of this year), from a friend of my dad's girlfriend. I paid only $350 for her and my dad bought her brother for only $300. We got very lucky. You are right you spend a fortune in vet bills. I am thankful to say, I am done with shots until November, unless she gets sick. So far no health problems.
    Check the newspapers. That is usually your best bet to find the cheapest. Make sure the seller gives you some kind of Health guarantee, then immediately take the dog to the vet and have it checked out completely for worms and any other health problems. or
    Call around to shelters. or
    Go to petfinder.com, I hear that's a good place to look also.
    Hope I was helpful.
    Good Luck. If you have never owned one before, be cautioned the are very curious, they find everything!
    Hope you find a good healthy one at a reasonable price.
    I have a male Yorkie also, and was looking for a female, who has over $1200.00 just for the puppy, no vet bills included. You are so right about over pricing animals these days.
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  • Funchy

    If you only want a bargain on a purebred, you can get a puppy-mill dog with poor breeding & probably little socialization. You'll pay higher than average vet bills because these dogs aren't bred for health & long life.

    It costs ALOT to breed & raise a dog properly. They have to buy quality parents, pay $$$ in vet bills to get the puppies to weaning age, socialize them (lots of time), shots, etc. Just the time spent taking care of mom & socializing a litter of puppies (figured at minimum wage) would account for a good portion of that asking price. $800 is a good price if it's from a good breeder.

    So your choices are:
    - buy a puppymill dog at your local petshop for half the price, but pay for it later in vet bills and other problems
    - save up and buy a good dog from a good breeder
    - accept you don't need a papered dog. Then look at breed rescues for Boston Terriers or watch your local shelters to see if any arrive.
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  • luvnuttydog

    too bad you dont live closer to me, you can get a boston terrier here for pretty cheap. i have 2 boston terriers, a female i got for 150 and a male i got for 200. good luck
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