How to Feed Dog Food for Small Dogs

While every dog is different and they all seem to have the same system, small dogs require feeding a bit different when you feed dog food. First of all, small dogs are predisposed to teeth problems, they may also require more frequent feeding, and of course, need high quality food.

Small breed teeth are easily bypassed; in fact you may see your small dog just swallow the kibble instead of chewing it. This is because it’s easy to do, when in fact, you really do want them to crunch the kibbled food. Many of the foods today are designed to help keep tartar buildup to a minimum so if your small dog is a swallower you may need to speak to your vet concerning how to keep their teeth clean.

You may also want to look for those canine foods that are especially designed for toy breeds, they even make toy breed foods designed for specific toy breeds.

Also, small breed or toy breed dogs may need to eat more frequently. Their tiny systems run out of food quickly and yet they usually are high energy for their size, meaning you could wind up with a dog that becomes hypoglycemic, this is especially important in tiny puppies or pocket puppies.

If you’re one who prefers canned food for your pet, be sure to supplement their diet with food they have to chew. You may want to speak to your vet concerning regular teeth cleaning and this should be done whether it’s dry food or canned. They may also be able to recommend a particular type of food that will help your dog eat properly.

Your toy breed dog may need special dog food, and may need extra teeth care due to the fact of how they eat their food. Check their teeth regularly for tartar buildup and always buy the best quality food you can afford.

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