Introducing the Boston Terrier Dog

The dogs of the Boston terrier breed are small sized dogs, have a friendly character and love having fun, so they are suitable as a family pet and can do well in a small house or an apartment. These people-friendly dogs need lots of attention from their owners, as they want to be a part of the action! We shall start with a general overview of the Boston terrier, though there is a lot to talk about the history of this breed and about the temperament and special requirements of the Boston terrier dogs.

The Boston terrier certainly is a unique breed in many ways. The ancestors of the Boston terrier dogs are a crossbreed between the English White Terrier and the English Bulldog, that were imported in Boston in 1870, the year when the history of this breed begins. The original breeder wanted a smaller dog, so he crossed this dog with a French bulldog, thus bringing forth to what we know today as the Boston terrier. The initial breeder did not wanted for a dog to use on sports or hunting, and thus these dogs became the first non-sporting dogs to be bred in America. The dogs of the Boston terrier breed have the inner potential for show, and the original breeders focus more on this potential, attempting to remove the general perception on terriers as the aggressive type dogs.

The Boston Terrier Dogs Have Uniques Temperament And Personality

Having a high-spirited personality, the dogs of the Boston terrier breed try to make all the people around part of their activities. The ancestors of this breed of dogs were originally been bred for fighting, but the Boston terriers were bred to be companion dogs. It has a sweet and friendly disposition toward its owner and likes to be the center of attention. If you don’t like to be licked on your face you should keep the distance from a Boston terrier dog, which is very affectionate towards its owner and his friends and like to lick everybody on their faces. They are social animals and get along well when raised around children, the elderly and others.

Tips On Caring Of Your Boston Terrier Dog

Like other dog breeds, an important thing to remember about your Boston terrier is that it gets plenty of exercise outdoors to ensure that he/she stays healthy and alert. Frequently running and playing in the sunshine will make a lot of good for their health status, though they are not hyperactive dogs. If they are staying outdoors, a fenced in backyard is a good idea, as well as a small doghouse to protect them from the elements. These dogs need lots of tender loving care, so spending quality time with them playing and petting them is important. They also need quality food and plenty of fresh water.

When looking for any pet, the best place to start is an animal rescue center. You can find abandoned Boston terrier dogs which need a loving family.

If you are interested, a lot more information can be found on the site.

The Boston terrier dogs are small but high-spirited. The breeding of these dogs started in 1870, in Boston. If you are interested in buying a Boston terrier dog, good places are the animal rescue centers.

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