Insider Tips to Grooming Your Boston Terrier

When it comes to pet care, one very important aspect is the maintenance and grooming that your Boston terrier, or any other pet for that matter, receives. There are many different ways and options to keep your pet healthy, clean and beautiful, and exploring those options is a must in order to take the best care you can of your beloved pet. Whether you take your dog to a professional groomer or you take matters into your own hands, there are basics in the process that are essential for Boston terrier grooming.

Keys to a Well-Groomed Pet

Grooming your Boston terrier can be quite an experience if handled the wrong way. Yet, with the right approach, you as the owner can do a fine job of grooming your own pet, saving money in the process. The first pieces of grooming equipment you will need are a good quality comb and brush, which can be purchased at a retail pet store or even at a discount center. The brush should be soft enough to feel good to the dog, yet bristle enough to remove debris and dirt from his/her coat. When you are brushing, the goal is to allow the dog to enjoy the sensation against his/her skin while shining the fur. Combing and brushing does help your pet to maintain a shinier, healthier coat.

Another very important item in your Boston terrier grooming kit is the shampoo you will be using. There are many brands of shampoo available for pets, just as there are for people. Choose a brand that is a more natural form of shampoo, without added fragrances and irritants that may cause your dog to itch or develop a rash. Some dog shampoos use essential oils instead of artificial fragrances, and these can be much better in caring for the delicate skin of the Boston terrier.

It is important to try and keep your dog as calm as possible while you are bathing him/her. Talk to them in soothing tones, not yelling at them to “be still!” This will make them more frightened and will prolong the bathing experience. Wet the fur before rubbing the shampoo briskly all over their body. Be sure to rinse the shampoo well so as not to leave a residue.

Another important step in Boston terrier grooming is nail clipping, which can be quite a task, as the Boston terrier’s nails can become quite hard and long. Buying professional clippers is worth the higher cost, as they will tend to do a better job. Try and start clipping when the dog is a puppy to get him/her used to the process from an early age. Following these simple steps, you will be well on your way knowing what you need to groom your Boston terrier.

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