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2 Boston Terriers, ONE Is a Big Problem and the Other Is an Angel HELP ME PLEASE!!!?

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Ok I have Two Boston Terriers. We have had Tessa since a pup and she is almost 3 years old. She is not the problem.

Bella on the other hand is 1yr and 2 mnths old. She was rescued from a bad home and we aquired her from the person that rescued her. We have had her for about 5 months.

First of all we have been trying to house break her since we have had her. First by crate training. Didnt work. She would poop and pee in the crate and even Eat her poop.
We have made some headway on potty training as we have started leaving her out in the house and having a feeding schedule.


She now tears up the couch and chair cushions and i dont want to have to keep replacing them or her to be harmed by eating the stuffing.

She is fixed but Tessa the older one is not. Tessa happens to be in heat and this seemed to have started around that time.

I just dont want to crate her again and then seperation anxiety start up another problem which was what alot of people said made her eat her poop and stuff since she was not with her "PACK" unless i have to

Ok if I Start to crate train her again should i put her in the room with the other dog that gets to stay out in the house or confine her…

Will she get jealous of the other dog being out in front of her in other words

When a dog eats poop it either means they're not getting enough nutrition in their diet, or maybe their poop just tastes really good. I would start crate training again. This will really help out a lot. As long as crate training is done properly ,separation anxiety should not start up.

Don't let her chew those things up! Keep her with you 24/7 and crate her when you're not around. Also, get your other dog spayed. A dog in heat can be stressful for the other dogs around her.

Why Do They Have Rescues for Curtain Dogs?

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Shouldn't Mutts get a place to go to instead of a pound

they have a rescue for poodles,Boston terriers ,Beagles
everything but Mutts
The only place around my home with mutts is the pound

Some rescues will take dogs that have a smidgen of the breed they rescue. As for the rest, animal shelters take in mutts of all kinds.

We Have a Very Aggressive 8 Month Boston Terrier That Is Attacking Our 4 Year Old Pug. PLEASE READ ON…?

Monday, February 9th, 2009

We rescued her from a 'puppy mill' (HORRIBLE PLACES- SHOULD BE OUTLAWED COMPLETELY)… Anyways, she will latch onto our pugs face and will NOT let go if she's in her 'mode' over dog food or a treat.

We've already tried- separating them at feedings, squirt bottle, yelling, and she doesn't respond.

Are we going to have to give her up to a rescue again or is this aggression towards other dogs at all breakable? She's an absolute sweetheart to people.

Do shock collars work? I hear they're not for aggression purposes.

This type of behavior can be managed, but never cured. If you're willing to put the time and discipline into establishing good solid basic training and a strict routine when both dogs are out together, and never leaving them together when you can't watch them 100%, then contact an experienced trainer to help you form a plan.

If your household is hectic, you have young children or other family members you can't count on to follow through with the routine, it's best to rehome the Boston.

Personally, I believe your Boston would do best in a one-dog home, and that your pug deserves to feel safe in your home, perhaps with another more compatible canine pal.

We Are Entering Our Boston Terrier Into Training Classes. She Is 8 Months and Attacks Our 4 Year Old Pug Help?

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Any ideas if this is a curable thing? She'll attack him over a treat falling on the ground, a toy, or jealousy… She's a rescue from a puppy mill.

We're entering her into training, will this help? We're at the point where we can't get her around smaller dogs anywhere, including my in-laws.

Also, how do I break up a dog fight effectively IF they fight?

Did you tell the obedience instructor about her issue before you signed up? Most will not allow a dog with aggression issues to participate in a group class, they will require you to sign up for a private class instead. Having an aggressive dog in class ruins the positive nature of the class for the other dogs. At 8 months, you should be able to modify her behavior with some work and persistance. Depending on what specifically is triggering her, the approach will vary, so do have a beahviorist or trainer evaluate her and create a customized approach. Rather than worrying about breaking up a fight, keep them apart for now, and keep her leashed when they are in the same area, so you can easily move her away if she gets upset or even if they begin to fight. It is dangerous to reach into a fight or grab one of the dogs, you can get bit accidentally.

Our 8 Month Old Boston Terrier Rescue Keeps Attacking Our 4 Year Old Pug. Very Mean Aggression Over Toys, Food?

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

toys, food, and jealousy over us. It's getting to the point of where we can tell she's getting angry and just stairs at him.

When we react with saying no or spraying her with a squirt bottle , or even pulling her away from him that seems to make her more angry and attack.

What should we be doing when she's in this offensive posture against the pug? We're at the point now that we're afraid we'd have to find a new home without any other dogs for her. It's getting worse.

YES, WE DO HAVE HER IN TRAINING STARTING TUESDAY, we need a solution in the meantime so she doesn't continue to hurt our pug.

Anybody with dog training knowledge know of how we should diffuse these aggressive situations?

Please help, thanks -10 points.

Adult dogs normally won't harm a puppy. It's a pity sometimes because the correction really has to come from the older dog but he's being good in putting up with it. You need to have time out space for each of them. I'd suggest - recommend, getting a crate for this little Madam and when she starts this, call the time out. For the moment don't feed them together - feed her in her crate. Has she had her first season yet? Part of this may be down to her coming up to this and she's telling him to back off. If she hasn't already been spayed, you might find spaying her reduces this aggressive behaviour, although it's by no means certain. It could be that you may have to consider letting her go to a home with no other dogs - sometimes two dogs just can't get along and there's no point trying to get it to work.

It will help if somebody can actually see what's going on, their body language etc.

Sorry I can't be more help - going through similar with my young Whippet although she's not aggressive, just constantly at my older boy and it's getting him, and me, down!

Could a Boston Terrier Have a Tail (Not Corkscrew) I Rescued a Red and White One From This Person.?

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

She looks just like a Boston Terrier but her tail, I just need to know if it is possible that they could have one.

Yes it would just be considered a fault

Do You Think $300 Is a Outrageous Price to Pay for a Adoption Fee?

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

I was looking to adopt a Boston Terrier. I saw at a rescue online site, they charge a $300 adoption fee. Why so much?

It is not outrageous at all.

Rescues are "non profit", everything they do for those dogs depends on donations and the adoption fees.
The $300 fee will just barely cover the vet bills, food, water and shelter they provided for your new dog.

Puking Boston Terrier?

Friday, January 16th, 2009

We have a Boston Terrier puppy (about 10months old), who we rescued from a bad breeder who was going out of business "without cause) After we had had him for about a month his paw got really swollen and we took him to the vet and he had stepped on something, we got him some antibiotics and got him all fixed up. About Two to three weeks ago, he started puking in his crate at night, and sometimes during the day but mostly at night, His skin has also turned a odd shade of yellow/brown, it doesn't seem to bother him (no itching or nipping) The vet gave us some shampoo for sensitive skin that is supposed to help with various types of skin conditions but it doesn't not seem to have helped at all. What is odd about the puke is that it is full chunks of food, a good 1/2 cups worth, this is odd to us because in order to help our pets fight the urge of needing to "go" at night we stop feeding them around 5pm. Our Boston is crated at about 11pm and we let him out in the morning around 7am. I would think that he would have digested the food by then, at least it not be in full chunks. He is still goes both 1 and 2 in the morning like normal, but he is starting to get very skinny and we are really worried about him. We live a good 2 hours from town and can't just hop up and take him to the vet, if this keeps up any longer we will be taking him, I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what is going on with our little guy…..Thanks

i have a boston terrier that had those problems when he was a baby, we put him on a raw diet and he has not had any problems in 3 years. You can also try to put a tennis ball in his food he could be eating too fast and not chewing so the food is not digesting, by putting a tennis ball in his food he has to eat slower to get around the ball for food. Good luck.

Rescued a Female Pit-Bull Will It Be Okay With My Boston Terrier?

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

My husband and I recently rescued a female pitbull who we knew through relatives that were not taking care of her at all, she has had 2 litters already and is only a little over a year old. She is under weight and her nipples hang down to the floor and look very uncomfortable. We are debating on keeping her or trying to find her a home we are right now just fostering her. So anyway I have a few questions:
1. will her breasts ever go back to normal? (she had pups about 2 months ago and they are not with her)
2. Can she be trusted and ever get along with my other FEMALE boston terrier who is about 8 months old and very hyper! I just herad that female pitbulls are not good with other female dogs and one snap and my boston would be dead.
anyone have experience or suggestions? They met already and we take them on walks but am so afraid the pit will snap, she is VERY friendly with humans though.
Thanks in advance.
and no she did not fight and is a rather submissive dog.
Thanks again!

I don't see why not. As long as you monitor their play she will be fine. Just as soon as you see any signs of aggression from either dog, nip it right there. Cause any Terrier is gonna be feisty. But I have 2 rescued male pits and they play rough but that's how they play. I think that as long as she was not abused like beated or a previous fighting dog she should be fine.

How Can People Let Their Dog Get This Bad?

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

How could anyone let there dog get this bad? (not for the squeamish!)

The reason the water is so dark, is all the blood I washed out of his coat from the flea bites.

His eye is so ulcerated that it has to come out. He is in terrible pain and has been for some time to get it this bad!

Why would anyone allow their dog to become this bad?

Thank goodness that Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida will take him in and get his eye removed on Tuesday. However, they also have to treat him with Iron because of the loss of blood due to the fleas!

Read the questions and answers on YA dogs for about an hour and its no wonder that there aren't more dogs like this.

Thankfully, this dog was rescued by a group of people that are willing to treat and care for him.