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August 14, 2008

Help Me Get My Dog Back Law Enforcement Not Helping?

I thought I had lost my 3-year-old Boston Terrier 18 months ago. I put up posters talked to neighbors offered reward called the radio station.Never gave up.Then a week ago my daughter in-law found her at a house about ten miles from me, the lady's mother lives next door to me.She stopped and asked her about the dog and told her that she knows who the dog belongs to.The lady told her to leave, my daughter in-law called me. On the way to the house I called the sheriff who met me there, I brought pictures of my dog and shot record and told him that my dog is easy to idenfy because she is not muscular like the Boston Terrier breed she is very lean and slender and has a small stripe between her eyes.The dog was given to me so no sale papers and is not pure breed. She would not open the door to talk to law enforcement for three days, then she called the sheriff and said to talk to her lawyer, if they came back to her house, she would file harassment on them. Now they will not do anything.

If she's prepared to call a lawyer, you need to be too. I'm assuming you are in the US, so if the police aren't helping you with this, which surprises me, your best chance is to launch a civil lawsuit. Hopefully having a lawyer contact this person, if you are convinced this is your dog, will scare them enough into knowing you mean business and it won't need to go any further.

If it does, you'll need to be able to prove that this dog is yours. I'm also assuming it wasn't microchipped. You could get your regular vet to make a statement of the dog's peculiarities and that it was you who brought it in for its vaccinations and check-ups on past occassions, not this other woman.

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who here is an advertiser?

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10 is the answer and 10 is the number of points u shud give me !!!

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dog for sale?

does anyone know where i can get a younger, smaller sized dog for under $200 dollars in the seattle, wa area?

preferred breeds are:
cairn terrier
shiba inu
bull terrier
bichon frise
border terrier
boston terrier
long haired chihuahua
mini bull terrier
min pin
norfolk terrier
norwich terrier
silky terrier

Try the local shelter. You can get some really good puppies there and they are already spayed/neutered,and first shots are done. There are 1000's of puppies and dogs that are killed everyday because nobody adopts them. Almost all of them are loving animals that will love you even more for getting them out of a bad place.

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Dog Breeds?

I'm looking for a friend for my hyper and friendly Boston Terrier. I have no idea what to get. We don't want another of the same breed, but something larger and affectionate, and perhaps more mellow. I did some research on the flat-coated retriever, but there aren't any for sale anywhere at all!!!!!!!!! Internet or newspaper, none, lol! But please help!

Your dog is probably hyper because you don't walk it and don't let it get out of the house. Take him for a long walk every day (yes even though he's small) and you will see a DRAMATIC improvement in his behavior. Just a tip.

Try a lab. Labs are popular so you won't have any trouble finding them at a good price in your area. I don't like labs because EVERYONE seems to have them.

Besenjis are affectionate. They are those little dogs from africa that don't bark. They are medium sized. But those are rare and you may run into the same trouble like you did with the flat coat.

Many terrier breeds are very loyal. But because many of them are dog fighting breeds you should be careful seeing you are specifically looking for a companion.

Golden retreivers would be a good breed too. Like a lab, they're popular so you don't have to wory about not finding one.

Make sure you walk your new dog from puppyhood, as regularly and as long as I suggest you walk your boston terrier. Walk walk walk is probably the magic secret to having a good dog.

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Boston Terrier weight and size?

We have a 5 month old Boston terrier that weighs about 15 pounds, she is not fat at all but very solid. I was under the impression she is just very healthy and the vet has never said anything about her being too big or overweight. Yesterday while having a garage sale a lady that has bostons as well commented that for my dog only being 5 months old and being that big already that she is too big and that she must not be full blooded blah blah. I was very offended by her comment. later i asked her what she feeds her bostons and she answered with kibbles and bits and i almost wanted to laugh in her face concidering i feed my dogs Canidae and when i told her this she said she had no idea what that is. Then after i told her its one of the best food you can get she changed the subject and proceeded to tell me how my dogs underbite (which she called a overbite) made my dog look not as cute as hers. Wtf is it just me or was this woman plain and simply rude?
Please tell me what you think?

My Maisy is most definitly Pure bred thats not what iam asking and do not worry she will not be bred she is spayed, iam aware that their is too many puppies out there in this world that are unwanted and i would never want to add to that!

The woman you met was way out of line. On some things she may be right, but she's still out of line.

Purebred Bostons cannot be shown if they weigh over 25 pounds. That does NOT mean that anything over 25 pounds is not purebred, it just means that they are bigger than the standard allows. The breed standard describes the "perfect" Boston. There has never been a perfect one, although some are pretty close.

Your dog is very cute and obviously well-loved. She does have a bit longer muzzle than is preferred for show Bostons, but that's irrelevant when you are not showing or breeding her. She probably is a little undershot, but that's fine because it does help square her muzzle. The Boston standard calls for a bite that is even or undershot just enough to square the muzzle. If that lady's dog has an overbite then it's going to have a strange looking face for a Boston.

Typically, you can double the weight of a Boston on its 18 week birthday to be able to predict adult weight. Your girl may well be over 25 pounds and maybe even 27 pounds at maturity. I would not breed her, but that does not mean she's a bad dog.

As long as you feed her a high quality food (and Canidae certainly is that!), she is healthy and not overweight, then things are just fine. On ANY dog, you should not be able to see the ribs but you should be able to easily feel them. The dog should have a defined waist (just back of the ribcage). That's for ANY breed or non-breed like Puggles and all those other "designer breeds" that are mixed breed dogs sold at outrageous prices to people who are naive and unsuspecting.

If you want to learn all about Bostons and see some photos of Bostons doing tons of amazing things, go to the Boston Terrier Club of America website. Look at the illustrated standard for the breed and it shows you photos of what is and is not the correct appearance for a Boston.

Just chalk this up as someone who thinks she knows it all and doesn't.

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does anyone have a boston terrier for sale really cheap?my boston/pug dog past away on 9/11/01.?
Just put in your zip code to find the one nearest you. I lost a wonderful dog on that date too…here are more>

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Any Boston Terrier puppys for sale in the UK ??


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Boston Terriers?

Does anyone in the state of Kansas have boston terriers to adopt or for sale. My mom lost her boston last May due to kidney failure and I was hoping to get her one for Christmas.

This little girl isn't ready for adoption yet, but sure needs our prayers! >
Is this one too far?

this Bostie/Beagle mix is sure adorable! >
He is just $95!!
Penelope really needs a mommy! Isn't she adorable >

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where to find boston terriers for sale in Croatia?


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Anyone have Boston Terrier puppies for sale in Chicagoland?

Does anyone have Boston Terrier puppies for sale in the chicagoland area? Or know of a breeder in the area?

There are no breeders in Chicago, but there are breeders in:
Caledonia. IL
Lincolnwood, IL
and Mendota, IL

If you don't mind adopting Boston-mix puppies, there is a litter of 6 Boston-Chihuahua-Beagle mix puppies in Chicago

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