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Introducing the Boston Terrier Dog

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

The dogs of the Boston terrier breed are small sized dogs, have a friendly character and love having fun, so they are suitable as a family pet and can do well in a small house or an apartment. These people-friendly dogs need lots of attention from their owners, as they want to be a part of the action! We shall start with a general overview of the Boston terrier, though there is a lot to talk about the history of this breed and about the temperament and special requirements of the Boston terrier dogs.

The Boston terrier certainly is a unique breed in many ways. The ancestors of the Boston terrier dogs are a crossbreed between the English White Terrier and the English Bulldog, that were imported in Boston in 1870, the year when the history of this breed begins. The original breeder wanted a smaller dog, so he crossed this dog with a French bulldog, thus bringing forth to what we know today as the Boston terrier. The initial breeder did not wanted for a dog to use on sports or hunting, and thus these dogs became the first non-sporting dogs to be bred in America. The dogs of the Boston terrier breed have the inner potential for show, and the original breeders focus more on this potential, attempting to remove the general perception on terriers as the aggressive type dogs.

The Boston Terrier Dogs Have Uniques Temperament And Personality

Having a high-spirited personality, the dogs of the Boston terrier breed try to make all the people around part of their activities. The ancestors of this breed of dogs were originally been bred for fighting, but the Boston terriers were bred to be companion dogs. It has a sweet and friendly disposition toward its owner and likes to be the center of attention. If you don’t like to be licked on your face you should keep the distance from a Boston terrier dog, which is very affectionate towards its owner and his friends and like to lick everybody on their faces. They are social animals and get along well when raised around children, the elderly and others.

Tips On Caring Of Your Boston Terrier Dog

Like other dog breeds, an important thing to remember about your Boston terrier is that it gets plenty of exercise outdoors to ensure that he/she stays healthy and alert. Frequently running and playing in the sunshine will make a lot of good for their health status, though they are not hyperactive dogs. If they are staying outdoors, a fenced in backyard is a good idea, as well as a small doghouse to protect them from the elements. These dogs need lots of tender loving care, so spending quality time with them playing and petting them is important. They also need quality food and plenty of fresh water.

When looking for any pet, the best place to start is an animal rescue center. You can find abandoned Boston terrier dogs which need a loving family.

If you are interested, a lot more information can be found on the site.

The Boston terrier dogs are small but high-spirited. The breeding of these dogs started in 1870, in Boston. If you are interested in buying a Boston terrier dog, good places are the animal rescue centers.

Should I Buy a Bark Collar for My Dog?

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Not all dogs who bark need bark collars or other anti-barking solutions. Before rushing out to purchase an anti-barking item, you first need to find out why your dog is so loud. Sometimes they have very good reasons for barking (besides the obvious that they are dogs and that is what dogs do!) such as being left outside or perhaps they are lonely, bored, hungry or thirsty. Dog may bark simply because they are curious about what is happening on the other side of the fence.

For some dogs it’s actually a learned behavior which is negatively reinforced by giving the dogs extra attention with doggie treats or extra TLC in hopes of pacifying and quieting them down, when what is really happening is that it is teaching the dogs that this is indeed a good behavior and that if they want more attention, all they need to do is to continue barking all the more.

A bark collar is often regarded as something similar to a regular dog collar, that might hurt the dog by subjecting it to uncomfortable pressure. As I learned more and more about the variety of bark collar choices I began to breathe a bit easier when I discovered there were actually a few different types of bark collars and not all had even the slightest amount of “zap” to it. When you compare the different bark collars keep in mind a few things. You might want to know that bark collars do not have to be worn all the time and they are a less painful alternative to, let’s say, a debarking surgery.

This kind of medical intervention is rather invasive and consists of cutting off a part of the dog’s larynx that is responsible for creating the barking sound. After being subjected to the surgery, dogs will not bark as loud as before. Vets might present you this option in an attractive manner, yet you should carefully think about it. Let’s say your dog got outside of the house and happened to be found in a situation with a bigger dog or pack of dogs or even worse, a coyote or other aggressive animal. What good is a whispering type bark going to do to call for help or defend your dog at that point? A mere whispering bark does not have nearly the aggressiveness that is called for as a mean growl or loud incessant barks. In addition, surgery isn’t successful in 100% of the cases and sometimes it only works for a few months. It is also an uncomfortable, even painful procedure.

On the other hand, anti-bark collars come in more varieties and you can find one that fits your preferences. Among all types of bark collars, the one with citrus spray is the most recommended. It works because the dog really dislikes its smell and will tone down its barking when it smells the citrus. The hissing sound startles them and they are also not fond of the smell. This way the dog knows it is time it stopped making noise even before the spraying starts. Some university studies have proven the citronella barking collars are at least two times as effective as what are known as shock collars. In the end, you are the one to decide what you prefer. A rough method such as the shock collar or just an annoying smell.

There are situations where dogs use their barking as a defensive strategy. If you are annoyed by your dog’s constant barking, there are plenty of bark collar varieties you can choose from. Please click this link for emore information on bark collar models.

The Boston Terrier Dog — a True American Gentleman

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

The Boston terrier, one of the few breeds that can claim to be truly American, is a lively, curious and smart companion that’s always ready to play. At one time, Boston terriers were actually the most popular breed in the US. Today, they’re still a clear favorite among the thousands of dog lovers who want a medium-sized, intelligent pet.

Because of its Bull terrier or Bulldog background, the Boston (classed with the non-sporting breeds by the AKC) is alert and keen to learn new tricks and jobs. Bostons like children and will play games with them for hours on end. A well-bred Boston isn’t vicious, but pretty able to take care of himself. Boston fanciers like to call this breed the “American Gentleman,” obviously because of his formal, tux-like markings, but also because his personality is gentlemanly and even as well. The Boston’s friendliness, alertness and courage make him an ideal pet and companion dog. Always alert, he’ll also let you know of any strange sounds in the night.

For many families, the Boston terrier is a terrific choice not only because of his compact size and pleasant temperament, but because of his low-maintenance coat. Smooth and short-coated, the Boston goes easy on your carpets and furniture and does well in smaller spaces. It’s good to remember, though, that Bostons don’t take well to extremes in temperature. They’re inside dogs, as their coat affords little protection. On cold days, you may want to get out some warm booties or a coat for your Boston.

A well-bred Boston terrier will look like the active, intelligent, short-headed and short-tailed dog that he is. The ones that conform to type will have symmetrical white markings, ideally against a brindle color. Black with white markings are also conforming, although brindle is preferred.

Bostons come in a variety of sizes. Naturally, some owners prefer the small ones, while others like a more romping, substantial-sized dog. Either one will make a great pet with very little grooming required, all of which can be done at home. If you think you want a Boston but aren’t quite ready to make the commitment, you can get a hilarious Boston Terrier screensaver from Must Love Dogs at Warner Brothers.

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Boston Terrier Dogs - Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Do you know what the symptoms of separation anxiety are and how they affect Boston Terrier dogs? Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral problems that you may come across when dealing with training your Boston Terrier.

Until you know what the signs are, you may not be able to correct the behavior. Some of the most frequent symptoms of separation anxiety include:

Chewing and destroying things in the house. Often, you may come home and find everything in sight chewed to bits. Have you noticed corners of the carpet torn up where your dog has been digging? Lonely dogs can sometimes be very destructive by working off their excess energy by chewing up a favorite rug or piece of furniture.

Excessive barking. Boston Terrier dogs suffering from anxiety often whine, bark, cry, howl, dig, chew and scratch at the door the entire time you are away. You may find your neighbors getting annoyed each time you have to leave the house.

Self destructive behavior. When Boston Terriers are suffering from this affliction, they can frequently engage in self destructive behavior. Constant digging, chewing and even hurling themselves at the door can cause injuries. Check for bloody paws or lips to see if your dog is harming himself.

Unacceptable potty behaviors. When you have relieved your dog before leaving and he is still doing it while you are away, this may be a sign of separation anxiety. Although it could be a medical condition, and something that should be checked, more often it is the dog acting out.

If your Boston Terrier is showing any of these signs, then separation anxiety is likely the cause. Once you determine the root causes of your Boston Terrier dog’s anxiety, it is important to address them so that he can feel happy, safe, secure and comfortable while you are out of the house.

Are you afraid to come home and open the door because of the destruction you might find? Are the neighbors complaining about your Boston Terrier dog’s barking? Find out how you can address these issues now by going to

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Boston Terrier Dogs - the American Gentlemen by Abhik Sarkar

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Boston terriers have become known as the American gentlemen of dogs, and it is little wonder than the Boston terrier breed has earned this honorable nickname ..

Boston Terrier Dogs for Sale

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Today, many of the Boston terrier dogs for sale are bred by “puppy farms” which exist solely to breed and sell pet dogs. These “puppy farms” are profit-oriented and are therefore natural breeding grounds for animal cruelty.

Finding Boston Terrier Dogs for Sale

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

People think that finding Boston terrier dogs for sale would be a very easy task. However, people need to know that there’s more to finding Boston terrier dogs for sale than looking in the phone book or in the classified ads.

Breed Small Dogs: How to Find Boston Terrier Puppy

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Majority of people think that it is very easy to find Boston terrier dogs for sale. However, the fact is that the best way of finding finest breeds of Boston Terrier puppies is searching at the breeding centers instead of checking the

Boston Terrier Dogs Are Loving Pets

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

The Boston Terrier is perfect for people with limited space. It does not need to be outdoors a lot. It loves people and will not constantly bark at visitors in your home. It is also a very intelligent dog and is easy to train. Boston Terriers make good companion dogs, especially for the elderly.