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The Boston Terrier Puppy Is Playful

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

All the pupies are cute and the same are the Boston terrier puppies, but if you will pay them some attention, you will notice each one of them is unique and differ from any other. Their character features differ, from those which are serene or independent to those boisterous or looking outgoing. Their temperament is also different, while some look lazy and try to cuddle and snuggle, others are energetic and very active. Personalities vary from one puppy to the next, so it is important to know how to choose the right puppy that fits your personal lifestyle as much as possible. When you have chosen the right puppy for you, he or she will live a happy life aside your family and you will never be sorry for your decision.

Choosing Boston terrier puppies can be challenging, as they will likely all look similar to one another. First of all, you must appreciate the overall health of the puppies you are going to see at the breeders facility. Look at his or her eyes and see if they are cheerful, frisky, bright and clear. One of the signs the breeder or owner looks for is the eyes, because a clouded and far-away look in their eyes, as well as runny or watery eyes indicate that the animal is not in a very good condition and must be examined closer. The next step is to examine its furry coat aspect. Notice if it looks shiny and smooth or the aspect is rough, dull and matted. A healthy body with a good metabolism and the food of quality given in adequate quantities lead to a shiny coat. After that examine the condition of his or her nails. Are they brittle, discolored or soiled? Watch also the puppies when they go to bathroom and see if the faeces look well-formed or unhealthy. Although some of these things are rather graphic, they ar e well worth looking into to ensure you are choosing the right boston terrier pup for you.

Active And Energetic Or Lazy?

Personality is a very important thing to find out about when choosing the right boston terrier puppy for you. Almost all the dogs of this breed are friendly and have wonderful and loving personalities, excepting the case of a breeder who neglected or abused them. Getting down on the floor to play with the rowdy puppies can be advantageous as it gives you a more intimate look at the nature of the particular dog. Talk to the puppy, pet him/her and see how he/she reacts to you. Does it feel comfortable with you or seems it a little frightened by your presence? Proceeding this way, you can be sure you chosed the best Boston terrier puppy for you. Either you choose a male or female, these dogs are endearing and faithful companions.  

The first aspect to notice is the overall health of the boston terrier pup. The shiny coat indicates it has a good body metabolism. All these aspects can help you to decide for the right boston terrier puppy.

Boston Terrier Dogs - Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Do you know what the symptoms of separation anxiety are and how they affect Boston Terrier dogs? Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral problems that you may come across when dealing with training your Boston Terrier.

Until you know what the signs are, you may not be able to correct the behavior. Some of the most frequent symptoms of separation anxiety include:

Chewing and destroying things in the house. Often, you may come home and find everything in sight chewed to bits. Have you noticed corners of the carpet torn up where your dog has been digging? Lonely dogs can sometimes be very destructive by working off their excess energy by chewing up a favorite rug or piece of furniture.

Excessive barking. Boston Terrier dogs suffering from anxiety often whine, bark, cry, howl, dig, chew and scratch at the door the entire time you are away. You may find your neighbors getting annoyed each time you have to leave the house.

Self destructive behavior. When Boston Terriers are suffering from this affliction, they can frequently engage in self destructive behavior. Constant digging, chewing and even hurling themselves at the door can cause injuries. Check for bloody paws or lips to see if your dog is harming himself.

Unacceptable potty behaviors. When you have relieved your dog before leaving and he is still doing it while you are away, this may be a sign of separation anxiety. Although it could be a medical condition, and something that should be checked, more often it is the dog acting out.

If your Boston Terrier is showing any of these signs, then separation anxiety is likely the cause. Once you determine the root causes of your Boston Terrier dog’s anxiety, it is important to address them so that he can feel happy, safe, secure and comfortable while you are out of the house.

Are you afraid to come home and open the door because of the destruction you might find? Are the neighbors complaining about your Boston Terrier dog’s barking? Find out how you can address these issues now by going to

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Merrick Dog Food for Your Boston Terrier Puppy

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Bring a puppy home can very exciting for the whole family. Children are especially thrilled to have a puppy in the house and would to spend so much type fussing over the puppy. If your kids love to spend a lot of time with your new puppy, you might as well teach them to take care of the puppy and to feed it. To make sure that your little puppy gets the right type of food, take your kids along and pick up some merrick dog food from the supermarket.

The good thing about taking your kids along to pick of some merrick dog food from the super market is that they will have some idea how to choose the right type of food for the puppy. Besides, taking your kids along to pick up some merrick dog food will give the puppy sometime to rest and get some sleep. Always remember that the puppy is just a baby and it can tire easily especially if a bunch of very energetic kids play with it constantly.

Teaching Your Kids To Feed And Take Care Of The Puppy

Once you have the merrick dog food, you need to instruct your kids how and when to feed the puppy. If your kids still cannot read the feeding guidelines that are usually written on the package of the merrick dog food, you will need to carefully instruct them what to do. First, you need to get something that your kids can use to measure the food. A small measuring cup will greatly help your kids determine how much food to give to the puppy. Give them the measuring cup and let them use it to measure the food that they put into the puppy’s food dish. Caution your kids about feeding the puppy too much merrick dog food because this could make the puppy sick. Besides, a overfeed puppy will most likely to defecate more often which will make it difficult for your to supervise the puppy when it potties.

If you have three kids in the house, make sure that they take turns feeding, grooming and taking the puppy for walks. You can ask your kids to agree among themselves who should feed the puppy in the morning and in the evening. Asking your kids to decide among themselves who will give food to the puppy will help them learn the value of teamwork and cooperation.

How Much Food Are You Supposed to Give a Boston Terrier Puppy?

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

one of my relatives just got a boston terrier and are getting mixed answers about how much to feed them and how many times a day. it would be helpful to answer this question soon
it is about 7 pounds, and the store owner who sold the dog to us says something diffferent than the guide does, so i was wondering if anyone knows the correct amount
thanks so much

The guide is normally right.. But, for a dog only 7 lbs., I would feed it half a cup every feeding. My dogs get fed their daily amount ONCE a day; but my dogs are sort of off, so with more normal dogs its best to feed their recommended amount twice a day. Which means you would give half a cup in the morning, half a cup in the evening. Adjust as your dog needs it, if (s)he begins to get fat, feed a little less (I.E. About 1/4 a cup every feeding) or vice versa.

Where Can I Find a Boston Terrier Puppy in Florida?

Monday, May 10th, 2010

I’ve decided that i want a dog as a companion because i don’t have very much friends and im always alone. so my mom is going to buy a puppy for me and i told her i wanted a boston terrier. We live in Naples, Fl and I was wondering where can we get them? (like Fort Myers, Orlando etc.?) Thanks.

try shelter or rescue

the breed club can also refer you to rescues and reputable breeders in your area..

How Many Cups of Food Should I Give a Boston Terrier Every Day?

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

My husband is planning to adopt a Boston Terrier. We had a Maltese and a Shih Tzu. It will be our first time to have a Boston Terrier so we are not familiar how to feed them. We need to know how many cups of food we should be give him every day. Thanks!

The amount of food to be given to a Boston Terrier depends on its weight and the amount of calories found in the dog food you are giving it. For example, an 11-pound Boston Terrier puppy needs about 882 to 1764 kilo calories everyday. This is equivalent to 2 to 4.1 cups of Purina Dog Chow, or 2.3 to 4.6cups of Iam’s Chunks or Nutro Max Adult Food. So, you should know first how heavy is the Boston Terrier you plan to adopt and choose the right dog food before you can determine how much you are to approximately feed it everyday.

How Do I Find a Boston Terrier Breeder?

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Hi. I am looking to purchase a boston terrier puppy. I live in los angeles, california. Where can I find a breeder that sells boston terrier for a cheap/reasonable price? How do I know if a website is legitimate? Feel free to provide links and suggestions! Thank you!

Go through the boston terrier parent club and ask for a referral. Or go to your local rescue.

I Live in the North West of the Uk,and Would Like to Buy a Boston Terrier Puppy?

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

could anyone reccommend a good boston terrier breeder?

A Boston Terrier may be a difficult thing to find in the UK because they are an American breed. But, this doesn't not mean it is impossible.

As Far as rescuing is concerned, it may be impossible to rescue a BT in the UK, as they are relatively rare there.

You may try this breeder website.

It appears there is one UK breeder of Boston Terriers listed.

Any Tips on Potty Training My New Boston Terrier Puppy?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

we have a male Boston who is pretty much the best dog ever! We just got him a friend she is so adorable but I'm so used to the best dog ever I'm worried about the new puppy! Any potty training tips?

Try crate training.
Also, Let her know she is awesome for going outside! Excessive praise immediately after she finishes and even treats if you give her treats. Also, don't be afraid to tell her in a mad voice NO when you catch her going indoors.

How Do You House Train and Crate Train a Boston Terrier Puppy?

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Im getting a Boston Terrier in 4 weeks. She will be 2 months old when I bring her home. I've never crate or house trained a puppy before. How do I do it?
2 months isnt too short of a time. It is actually the recomended amount of time. What size crate should i get her? XS, S, M?

when the pup wakes up in the morning, take him out to potty. he needs to go within one or two minutes. if he goes praise him and play with him or give him a treat. if he doesn't go within that time, put him back in the crate for 10 minutes, and try again. he will associate going out with going potty. just stick with it, he will pee in the house, just make sure you take him out as soon as you catch him. pups can't hold it very long, and they will need to go within 30 minutes of eating or playing. probably a small crate for a Boston. I have a Cairn Terrier (16 pounds full grown), and we went to the dollar store and got him a small plastic crate, really cheap! He loves it, he will "hide" in it. The thing is they feel safe in their crates, so don't get one that is too big.